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Track & Field

2024 RCMS Track and Field Information

Welcome to RCMS Track and Field! The following information is intended to enhance our
parents’ understanding of the sport of track and field. Of course it can’t all be covered in this
packet, so please feel free to get in touch with any coaches at any time to discuss your questions or
We cannot tell you enough about the importance of parents’ direct involvement in
supporting their child’s activities. Help us make your child’s track and field experience a positive
one by taking an active interest in their season. Ask about workouts, praise them frequently,
encourage your athlete to take care of their academics, make sure they make it to practices and
meets, and above all, support your child’s commitment to the sport of track and field.
Your child will be responsible for sharing in the leadership and decision-making for the team.
We will always develop workouts with your child’s best interest in mind, and we will value their
safety above all else. Everyone will be expected to work hard and strive for success without
favoritism. Throughout the season we hope to not only make your child a better athlete, but a better
person as well. Everyone must do their best to be the best runner, jumper, thrower they can be,
realizing that by doing so, their efforts will contribute to the team’s overall success.
We believe that athletes themselves have responsibilities. These include responsibilities to
their school, the athletic code, the team and their coaches, their parents, and also to themselves.
Thanks, and please join us in creating a fun and successful track and field season.
-RCMS Track & Field

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