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Technology HELPDESK line

To log in to Help Desk Click HERE.

Log in with your NCSD email username.

Password is your NCSD email password.

In the next screen, choose your request type, fill in the subject, and give details about the help needed. Include your name in this area so that we know who is submitting the request. Also include the staff member’s name if appropriate. Be sure to click on SAVE.

When making a request please be as specific as possible. 

Use these steps as a guideline for making requests:

  • What is the issue?

  • Where is the issue occurring?

  • How long has this been happening?

  • What were you doing when this happened?

  • When did it last work (if you know)?

If there is a problem in a computer lab please specify the lab and what machines are experiencing the issue.

You can check the status of requests for your building by clicking on the History button. Click on Logout to exit the program.

If you would like to show exactly what problem is showing up on your screen you can take a screenshot.